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Pulwama attack done for revenge, truth came in front of Security agencies

Terrorism news today: On the basis of the investigation of the Pulwama attack, security forces believe that it was done with a sense of revenge. 2 nephews of Masood Azhar were killed in the encounter with security forces and the main terrorist of Jamshed Mudasir was also angry with the death of his friends. The conspiracy of the Pulwama attack was executed to avenge it.

40 CRPF personnel died in Pulwama attack However, the security forces believe that the script of this attack was being written long before and it was carried out to take revenge for personal suffering. On October 30, 2018, the security forces killed two trained militants of Jaish-e-Mohammad in the Kashmir Valley. One of these was Osman Haider trained terrorist and the nephew of Jashgir Masood Azhar. The second man killed in an encounter was Shaukat Jai’s Commander Mudassir Khan’s relative.

It has been learned from the investigation that it is only after this encounter that Jaish-e-Mohammed has planned to attack the Pulwama attack on security forces. Mudasir got the command of the Jams commander in 2017 when Noor Mohammad Tantari was killed. Noor Mohammad, who is 4 feet high, is also known as Nura Troli.

Trip to escape from parole, execution of many terrorist incidents

In 2003, Nuri Talali was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment. In 2015, he was released on a 15-day parole and he managed to escape after dodging the security forces. Security forces killed him on December 26, 2017. After leaving the jail on parole, Nuri Trali led many terror incidents, including a grenade attack on minister’s convoy outside the Srinagar Airport in October 2017.

Terrorism news today- Mudasir wanted to do something big

As Jams’ Chief Operator, Mudasir attacked security forces in Sunjwan in February 2018 and then in April. Mudassir’s special friend Ishfak died in reply encounter. Six more months after Mudasir’s death, another close-knit Shaukat was also killed in an encounter. Security forces say that due to these deaths, Mudasir personally became very distraught and he decided to do something very big. In the year 2017, the death of Talha Rashid and then Usman, Masood Azhar was also restless. Both were special nephews of Masood. To get the revenge of these deaths, only the plwma attack was conspired.

Preparation was done from months for revenge

Masood Azhar has made all the preparations to take revenge for the death of his special people. For this, a large number of explosive POKs were sent from November. Under the leadership of Mudasir, the entire attack was carried out. Kamran, Umar and Ibrahim Lailu were specially prepared for explosive use. Before the Afghan war, long before Azhar’s brother was the bodyguard of Raouf Asghar. This is the first instance of a dangerous attack by car in the valley and the investigation team believes that the initial plan to execute it was of the trolley.

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