Lok Sabha election 2019 date

That issues will very important in 2019 Lok Sabha Election between Power and opposition.

Lok Sabha election 2019 date has been announced. There are total elections in 7 phases which will start from April 11. Elections will be held on May 19 and results will be announced on May 23. Know which 15 issues will be watched in this election

This time, the election program will be completed in 7 phases this time from last time. In this way, political parties have also taken a stand. If all the political parties, in view of their convenience and their voters, will choose their electoral issues, but there are some issues which are of concern to every citizen of the country. These are those issues, which will also affect the result of a large extent. Which are those issues … let’s know:

National Security / Terrorism (Lok Sabha election 2019 date)

Since 1990, national security and terrorism has been one of the major issues in elections, but this time this issue was not at the center of the election before the recent Pulwama attack. After the martyrdom of CRPF soldiers in Pulwama and after the Air Strike in Balakot, Pakistan on behalf of Indian Air Force, the issue has also come to such an extent that it can also change the direction of elections. This issue can play an important role in promoting the BJP. BJP will try to show that Narendra Modi is the only leader who can take tough decisions and compete with Pakistan and terrorism.


Generally, inflation has been an issue affecting everyone in any election, but this issue does not seem to hold that issue in this election. The Modi government has managed to control inflation somewhere. Opposition parties have not been able to encompass the BJP on the issue of inflation. At the same time, some experts say that one of the major reasons for curbing inflation is that the goods were purchased at a lower price than the farmer. In such a situation, it may have succeeded in controlling inflation, but in rural areas the party may have to pay its price.


The arrow of ’employment’ in the quartet of the opposition against the Modi government is the most important. All the opposition parties, including the Congress, have surrounded the government several times on this issue. Modi had great success on the promise of jobs in 2014, but somewhere they do not seem able to fulfill this promise. The government is also accused of not taking serious note of the issue by manipulating the data. The government has tried to provide evidence of fulfilling the promise of jobs, citing the increasing number of EPFO ​​number increased currency loans, but the opposition has not agreed anywhere.

Village, Farmer’s Issue

Farmers- or say that rural voters- had played a big role in the victory of Modi Government in 2014. This time, there is resentment among the rural voters by not getting better returns in agricultural investment. Steps like note closure have made this issue important. In the elections of Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh, Congress tried to take full advantage of this issue and they also got success. After this, BJP has tried to fulfill this shortcoming by helping farmers in many ways.


The polarization seen in these elections, never seen before in the country. It had helped the BJP in 2014 and pushed the Congress to marginalization. She had to face a major defeat from the Congress’s ‘minority pro-party’ image. Generally, the benefit of Hindu Nationalist BJP gets its benefit.

Ethnic equation (Lok Sabha election 2019 date)

In the elections held so far in India, it is very easy to estimate the strength of any party on the basis of ethnic equation. But this time the election is going to be quite different on this case. Opposition is now making the basis of racial equation to defeat Modi. The Opposition believes that coming along with Yadav, Jatav and Muslims in UP will make BJP easy to beat. In Bihar, many opposition parties, including the Congress, have tried to unite Lalu and also unify the OBC and Muslim votes. The BJP had won a major victory in 2014 because Modi had got support for some of those castes, which are generally considered to be the basis of opposition parties. The defeat of the BJP in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan was given to the fact that the upper class is getting away from BJP. In such a situation, BJP has tried to keep the poor classes under 10% reservation and keep them in their camp.


In 2014 elections, Congress was the worst sufferer. After this the Congress had to face the biggest defeat ever so far. PM Modi has done his best in his term that the BJP can not make such allegations. Even the PM has said in many places that during his tenure his government has not made any allegations of corruption. People also drunk the bitter sip of the banana because it seems that PM is taking this step to end corruption. However, nothing can be said about the fact that the allegations of the Rafael scam being imposed by Rahul Gandhi will affect the public.

social media

The issue was first entry in the year 2014. It looked like an important player in the election. Social media was used extensively in setting up agenda. Five years ago, the biggest credit for Modi’s victory was given to the social media only. After this, the Congress also tried to fulfill this shortcoming. It took time for the Congress to handle this front, but she has come very effectively now.

Welfare schemes (Lok Sabha election 2019 date)

The Modi government launched many welfare and development schemes during its tenure. Ujjwala, Clean India, PM farmer, Ayushman India are prominent in this. At the same time step by step note has helped to shock the Opposition labeled ‘Government of Suit Boot’. Congress has got an edge in the recent assembly elections. After this, he has announced debt waiver in three states to persuade people. Rahul has also promised to give basic income after coming to government. It can benefit the Congress

Modi Factor

The Bharatiya Janata Party is sure that under the leadership of Amit Shah, the party will succeed in transforming PM Modi’s goodwill into votes. BJP’s enthusiasm has increased after Balakot air strikes. At the same time Congress believes that Modi’s charisma is no longer like 2014 because election promises were not fulfilled. The captioning of the Congress will only be on promises that are not fulfilled by the Modi government, which will reduce the ‘magic’ of the brand Namo. It is also necessary for the Congress as people voting against BJP in the last few assembly elections had also said that they will vote for Modi in the Lok Sabha only.

Cow protection (Lok Sabha election 2019 date)

In the 2014 elections, BJP had talked of banning illegal cow-slaughtering. It did work in the party’s favors, but after its implementation, there was resentment among the people. This resentment was seen in farmers running their own homes through cultivation. On the other hand, people from the Muslim community were also annoyed by the ban on illegal guavas. To fulfill the disadvantage, the government talked about setting up a Gauv Kendra, but it can not be said of its benefits. It is clear that farmers do not have problems with cow protection, but they would not want to let their share of funds go away.

Stable and strong leader versus diversity and shared leadership

Like 2014, this election will also fight on the face of BJP Narendra Modi. At the same time, the opposition alliance would like to show that democracy should be done by distributing works in the manner of the public. The BJP will also raise the issue that the opposition parties have no face for the PM. At the same time Congress can defend it and say that the coalition is better for the diverse society of India.

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Young voter

Young voters are going to play a key role in this election. The party which will bring new promises to the youth by introducing new youth, young people can be attracted towards him. It is believed that the youth, who are closely monitoring the issues through social media, will choose somebody wisely. If it is believed that for the first time a person who is voting will not be so worried about employment, then he will have to do with other things.


Half of the country’s population i.e. women will play a key role in this election. The Central Government has taken steps like toilet production, LPG gas and strict rape cases. This gives them the confidence of women’s vote. From the big leader MGR, NTR, Jayalalithaa, Shivraj Singh Chauhan and Nitish Kumar have received tremendous support from women so far.

Dalits and tribals

From the suicide of Rohit Vemulah to the beating of the Dalits by unidentified persons in Una, the government has been targeting. After this controversy over the SC-ST Act, this anger of the Dalits increased further. Now the defeat of the BJP in Chhattisgarh and the decision to evict the tribals from the forest land in Jharkhand will not be easy for the government

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