cheated with Sonu Walia

Cheating with Sonu Walia in the name of giving a BMW car; Filed the case

cheated with Sonu Walia:Guo-era actress Sonu Walia has lodged FIR in the Bangur Nagar Police Station in Mumbai. Sonu told that he had bought a high end BMW car. The dealer had sold it by saying that the car is 3,000 cc. However, when he reached for car service, he came to know that on the basis of a fake document, he was sold a million car for twenty lakh rupees. According to the police, a dealer has already complained against the actress who bought the car.

The car dealer gave the cheat: Actress Sonu Walia accused that “I had to buy a second hand car, in which my brother was helping.” Meanwhile, Anwer Merchant, a car dealer from Andheri, told that to sell them 2012 2,993 cc BMW car, the car is in good condition and the car owner Rajesh Vanigot wants to sell the car for Rs 20 lakh and the dealer also said that the car has only 16,000 kilometers.

It was such a disclosure of the fake: Two days later the actress was shown car papers, whose RC book had the same records. After this the deal was car and the actress bought the car. The actress wanted to servicing the car before using it. For which he sent the car to the service center Then they came to know that the car is not 2,993 cc, but only 1,995 cc and its price should not be more than one million. After this Sonu interrogated the car owner and dealer about this, keeping the two cases in check.

The actress cheated with Sonu Walia in the name of getting a BMW car

FIR against dealer and car owner: When no correct answer came from them, the actress came to know that she has been cheated with them. After this the actress reached the Bangur Nagar police station along with all the papers on Friday evening and lodged an FIR against the car owner and the dealer.

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