Rahul allegation

The Congress is amazing that the watchman says the voice of the thief comes out ‘

Rahul allegation: Congress President Rahul Gandhi addressed the gathering of the booth workers at Tal Katora Ground in Delhi on Monday. During this time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi targeted the Doklam dispute, unemployment and farmer issues. Rahul said, “Modi goes to China at the time of Doklam dispute and there is no agenda meeting there.” He said, “Keep your hand in front of China and keep it with you.” Nobody will know in India, I will handle the media. This is the reality of Modi ji. ‘

Rahul said, “Do you remember who left the mastermind of the Pulwama attack, Masood Azhar, 56-inch chest, when their government had gone to Kandahar, leaving the security adviser Ajit Doval Masood, if the blast happened in Pulwama People have done Jaish, but the BJP has left Masood Azhar in jail. ”

Two Prime Ministers of Congress killed: Rahul

Two Prime Ministers of Congress have been martyred, we do not bow to anybody. The truth is something and the whole country considers that the Prime Minister who is sitting today can not get the truth from their mouth. There is a problem of unemployment in the country. On the other hand, in the speech, Modi says make-in-India and keeps the Made in China on shoes, clothes and cell phones.(Rahul allegation)

Rahul said, “Wherever there is a watchman, the voice will be the watchman thief, it is the thief of the Congress party. It is not only the Congress, it is not yours, no matter how much you lie, the BJP and the Sangh give you the right thing everywhere. In the 1 hour 30 minutes speech in the Parliament, the janitor talks about Jawaharlal Nehru, Rajiv Gandhi speaks about Indira Gandhi, but never talked about Anil Ambani. Angres party and your amazing.

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