BCCI instructions

The ICC is free to provide world cup outside India, but be prepared for the outcome

BCCI instructions: An official of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) on Tuesday said that the International Cricket Council (ICC) is free to make world-class events like the 2021 T20 World Cup or 2023 ODI World Cup, but it is not Be prepared for the circumstances also.

The ICC’s quarterly meeting recently was held in Dubai. In this, the ICC had told the BCCI that it would have to compensate for a tax of $ 2.10 million (about Rs 149 crore) to make world-class events such as the 2021 T20 World Cup and 2023 ODI World Cup.

Tax case will not settle by external pressure: BCCI

In this regard, the official said, “If the ICC wishes, then it is free to put the tournament out of India, because the need for government approval for tax related matters is needed. It will not affect the external pressure. “He said,” We are waiting for the tax department and ministry’s decision in this matter. We want to make a World Cup in our country, but if the ICC wants to force the force, then they should be prepared for everything. ”

BCCI will not share the part of the ICC in its revenue

He said, “If they are willing to take the ICC tournament out of India, then it is a good thing. But then BCCI will be able to exclude the ICC from its share of revenue. Then see who will be in deficit. The office bearer underlined, ‘Administrative charge is trying to make policy decisions without its jurisdiction. It will be difficult for the ICC to stop the BCCI’s decision, because these decisions have not been stamped on the board. ”

Intent to hurt the ICC’s BCCI interest(BCCI instructions)

Another BCCI official said that the ICC claims wide thinking, but remains in the spotlight of all possible opportunities to hurt India’s interest. He said, ‘It has been seen before that the ICC has made different types of contracts with different member boards. For example, Cricket Australia needed only the best effort to get tax exemption, while the BCCI needed to ensure tax rebates.

ICC did not get tax exemption in 2016 T-20 World Cup

ICC offers tax exemption from the member countries for organizing world-class tournament, but for the T-20 World Cup held in India in 2016, it has not been given any relaxation in tax, Indian tax law does not give any such exemption Are. Incidentally, due to the withdrawal of Formula One race from India, tax was not included in the tax exemption.

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