Westminster Magistrate Court rejected the bail plea of ​​Nirav Modi

The London court of fugitive Nirav Modi rejected the bail plea, the Indian said, “Neerav threatens to kill the witness”

London’s Westminster Magistrate Court rejected the bail plea of ​​Nirav Modi, accused of Rs 13700 crore PNB scam. The next hearing in this case will be on April 26. Nirav will be present through video conferencing. Earlier on March 20, the court had refused to give Nirav to Bail. During the hearing on the bail petition on Friday, more evidence was presented against India against Nirav. Toby Cadman, representing India, said, Nirav had threatened to kill a person by calling a witness.

Cadman told the court, Nirav is not cooperating with Indian agencies. The danger is that he could run out. There is also danger of destruction of evidence and affecting witnesses. Nirav has been in police custody for 9 days. He was arrested on March 19.

Nirav has never tried to hide – lawyer

During the hearing, Nirav Modi’s lawyer Claire Montgomery said: “Nirav Modi is in the UK from January 2018. He knows from August that he is going to be extradited. He has no safe haven. She is openly living in Britain and she did not try to hide.

Before the hearing, Toby Cadman (representing India) said, “If Nirav Modi gets bail by the Westminster Magistrate Court, we will appeal against it in the High Court.” We will do everything to keep him in custody.

The CBI and Enforcement Directorate (ED) team went to London to hear the case of Nirav’s case. In the team of CBI-ED, both the investigating agencies are the Joint Director-level officials. India is busy trying to extradite Nirav.

The CBI-ED team has also taken copies of chargesheets filed against Nirav, his wife Ami, Mehul Vigilance and others. ED officials have also taken documents related to properties worth Rs 147 crores of Nirav and his companies. The agency attached this property on February 26.

Team of Indian agencies will provide documents related to Nirav to London’s investigation agencies. So that Nirav’s bail application could be kept firmly against him during the hearing.

14 months later, found nirav (Westminster Magistrate Court rejected the bail plea of ​​Nirav Modi)

In January last year, the PNB scandal was revealed. Nirav had fled abroad before this. On March 9, a video of her was revealed. It was reported in The Telegraph that Nirav is trading diamond business in London. After that, the Westminster court of London issued arrest warrants against Nirav. On March 19, he was arrested on India’s appeal.

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