the Games of Thrones in India too

There is a wonderful place like the Games of Thrones in India too, do not be fond of adventure.

the Games of Thrones in India too: What is the craze of Game of Thrones around the world, it is not hidden from anyone. From characters to action scenes and costumes, everything is shown in such a great way that the adventure of seeing it till the end remains. Specially its locations, which are amazing, but do you know exist in such locations India too. Yes, there are many such places and buildings in India which are very much seen in the game of Thorn’s placements. Where can you get an idea of ​​this? Let’s know about them …

GOT’s North of the Wall and Ladakh’s Janskar Valley

the Games of Thrones in India too

Remember the Game of Thrones’ North of the Wall Locations? Around the ice sheet and frozen lake … This is exactly what you see in Janskar Valley, Ladakh. Which is included in the Adventure Destination of the Tourists.

King Corps of GOT and Jim Corbett of Uttarakhand(the Games of Thrones in India too)

the Games of Thrones in India too

KingSarode is the largest and most spectacular highway in Seven Kingdoms. If you come to the Jim Corbett of Uttarakhand, it will be quite as if you are roaming around the location of Kingsorode.

The Dragonstone Castle, a big river at the edge of the river, will remind you of the Mehrangarh Fort in Jaipur. This place, which was built by Maharaja Man Singh, has been in the favorites spots of tourists for years now.

GOT’s Quote Imposing Wall and Uttarakhand’s Forest Reserve Institute

the Games of Thrones in India too

To see the glimpse of the Quote Imposing Wall, visit the Forest Reserve Institute of Uttarakhand. Very beautiful and luxurious, these institutes are one of the favorite locations for film and series shooting. And then this place is buzzing with cameras and pose giving models. So you do not miss this chance at all.

Lake of GOT and Lake Palace of Udaipur

the Games of Thrones in India too

A beautiful palace built in the heart of the river, Mirin, looks exactly like Lake Palace of Udaipur. Where many Bollywood films have been shot. And now it is also becoming part of the pre-wedding shoot of people.

Riverland of GOT and Umiya Lake of Meghalaya

the Games of Thrones in India too

If you want to see the Kingdom of Riverland, plan to come to Umean Lake, Meghalaya. Looking at this lake quiet and beautiful, you will not know how your time will pass.

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