Race -There was a 9-year spine disease in childhood, now British Runner on the record run of 9500 km

UK’s 32-year-old Jamie McDonald rides on a 9500-kilometer race. Jamie will run from the west coast of the US i.e. Cape Alawa to the east coast of West Cody Head Lighthouse. This race of Jamie will be equal to 230 Marathon. Out of this he has run away to 115 marathons.

Jamie started running in April. They will complete it in the next six months. Jamie has registered the Guinness Book of World Records by cycling from Bangkok to Gloucester (England). For this, he took 268 hours, 32 minutes, 40 seconds (about 11 days).

Jamie’s story is quite interesting. By the time he was nine, he spent most of his time in the hospital. They had spinal disease in the spinal cord. The immune system was weak and epilepsy was also used. Doctors feared that they could rarely walk.

After 9 years, symptoms of their illness began to decline significantly. Now Jamie wears a dress like Superhero. He also created a superhero foundation for the help of children. For the treatment of children, Jamie has so far raised 36 thousand pounds (about Rs 35 lakh).

Jamie explains, “I have earned 20 thousand pounds (19 lakh rupees) by teaching tennis, after which I bought a bicycle in 50 pounds, I think it will be the worst bicycle, but from this I have 22 thousand 530 from Bangkok to Gloucester Traveled the way. ”

Jamie says that if you have the strength to cope with the pain, then you can do everything. There was so much pain in the legs that I used to cry. But this is the strength that can relieve you from pain.

Jamie is currently running in the US. During this period, they ran from 50 degree Celsius to the middle of the flood affected areas and toxic spiders.

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