girls often hide

These are those 5 secret, which girls often hide from boys …

Girls often hide – Most men know about women as much or understand as they tell them. But there are many things that they want to know but women do not tell them.

It is said that women can not keep any rule with them. But reality is exactly the opposite. There are many things that women do not tell anyone. Not only this, they are not even accepting these things even after repeated inquiries. In some cases, he does this because of his nature, so many times he has to maintain his special image.

The special thing is that men are unsure about these things from women, but they never allow these things to be revealed. If you are thinking that such things about women are so politically, then they are:

    • Usually it is believed that a woman only teases and irrits from another woman, but it is not so. Like men, women are attracted to women with attractive personality. But he does not tell this to anyone, especially to men.
  • Women never forget their first love. They have a passion to keep information about them. Although he does not mention it to his current partner, he is very interested in knowing who his partner is nowadays and what he is doing.
  • Usually it is believed that men only watch adult films, but this is not so. Women also like to see adult movies.
  • Women love to see themselves standing in front of the mirror. By making different poses they stand in front of the mirror and like to see themselves.
  • Women always feel that their partner has something to hide from them. They are always uneasy to know all this.

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