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These things are enemies of bones, calcium is finished

bones and calcium: To keep body bones and muscles strong, we should not only eat anything rich in calcium, but should also stay away from things that damage the bones and muscles and calcium present in the body.

Calcium is very important for the strength of our bones. Due to calcium deficiency, there is an impact on bones, but also increases the risk of many diseases associated with bone. But do you know that there are some foods whose high calorie intake of calcium is lost …

Tea, coffee habit

Caffeine causes more harm than benefits in reaching the body. By taking too much caffeine, there is a bad effect on the bones. It causes calcium to be destroyed in the body. Bone and muscles begin to weaken due to low levels of calcium.

Proteins obtained from animals

Consumption of food from animals such as meat, fish, eggs, etc. is beneficial for the body, but if you consume these ingredients daily, then the protein that they get is damaging the bones.

Eat more chocolate

By eating chocolate continuously, the bones are weak. This increases the risk of osteoporosis and bone fracture. Flavonol and calcium present in chocolate contain positive effects for ‘bone mineral density’.

Breads, cakes and other bakery foods

Many people like breads, buns, cakes, rusks etc., like bakery foods, but they contain the amount of sugar and many harmful ingredients, due to which excess body intake of their bones becomes hollow.

Soft drinks

Soft drinks not only ruin calcium consumed by your food, but also absorbs calcium already present in your body. Therefore, people who drink too much soft drinks, such as cold drinks, soda, flavored juices etc, their bones become weak. These soft drinks should never be eaten after eating.

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