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This earth will not be worth living in a few years, this latest report

The latest report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) may surprise you. The report released on Monday warns that if global emissions reduces to 50 percent of the carbon emissions, then the world will not be worth living. According to an estimate, the temperature rise may be two degrees or more by the end of the century.

This situation is worrisome for the whole world. The special thing is that the highest impact of temperature rise can be found in the Ganga Valley region. If the average temperature is two degrees hike, then in the Ganga valley states like UP and Bihar, rain can fall by 20 percent. A 20 percent reduction in rainfall means that there will be drought in the region.

Impact on agricultural production(weather report)

The report says that agricultural production will have an impact in India and other Southeast Asian countries. This can reduce the production of wheat and rice by up to six and three percent. Similarly, production of maize and soyabean can be reduced by seven and seven percent and up to three percent. This is partly being said that food crisis can be triggered here.

The glaciers will also shrink the scope

If only two degrees temperature increases, one-third of the ground in the glaciers of the world will be melted by melting. This will affect the drainage of rivers coming out of the glacier. The water level of rivers will increase. With the completion of the glacier the water sources of these rivers will end. Its impact will affect the rivers of South Asia, including India. These rivers are lifeline for 80 million people in India and neighboring countries. Their lives are dependent on these rivers.

0.5. Decrease effect of degree

  • Small island countries will increase the risk of drowning. There will be tremendous heat throughout the world, while the tropical region will have the largest increase in unusual warm days.
  • The problem of drought, especially in the Mediterranean region, will increase. Polar bears, whales, seals and sea birds will have a bad effect.
  • There may be a lot of turmoil in the environment and the world. This may end up with coral reefs and summer sea ice from the Arctic. Millions of people around the world can come under the threat of Lu, water deficiency, coastal floods.
  • With this, floods and diseases will create a threat to the devastation of the world.

The effect of 1.5 degree temperature rise

  • From 3.1 million to 6.9 million people in the world will be affected. About 14 percent of the world population will be affected. At a temperature of 1.5 degrees, drinking water crisis will occur in front of 35 million people worldwide.
  • Six percent of insects, eight percent of the vegetation and four percent of vertebrates will be eliminated i.e. will become extinct.

At 2.0 degree temperature

  • Sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia and Central and South America can lead to a significant decline in the production of crops.
  • Coral reefs will be mostly over. More than 41.1 million people will be affected. That is, about 37 percent of the world’s population will be affected.
  • There is a 10 times more chance of ending sea ice in the summer.
  • 18 percent worms will be eliminated. 16 percent of the vegetation will become extinct. Apart from this, eight percent of the male carcinogens will be eliminated.

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