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Google blocked the TikTok app in India, removed from Playstore on order of court

Tiktok videos: Google and Apple have removed it from their platform after the Supreme Court refused to ban the order of banning Madras High Court’s popular video making application TikTok. Following the order of Madras High Court, the government asked Google and Apple to remove TikTok from their respective platforms. It is to be mentioned that in the order on April 3, the Madras High Court had asked the government to ban it on the basis of pornographic material through TikTok. Earlier, Tolkik had also appealed in the Supreme Court against the order related to the Madras High Court’s Bain, which was dismissed.

While announcing the verdict on behalf of the Madras High Court, it was said that this app is promoting pornography while making a bad impact on the children and making the users sexually violent. A public interest petition was filed against this app accusing him of sharing on the porn content app, after which the court ruled out his decision. Order of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology help prevent this app and downloads. However, those who have already downloaded the TikTok app will be able to use it on their smartphone.

An official of the Information and Broadcasting Ministry said, “The High Court has asked the government to stop the downloads of the TikTok application. The ministry is making sure to tell Google and Apple to delete the app from their App Store. On behalf of the government, Apple and Google have been asked to delete the app by writing a letter. ‘ Google immediately removed the app from Playstore while taking action and this app has been removed from the Apple App Store. Google said in a statement that he obeys local laws and does not want to comment on the app.

India has big userbase- Tiktok videos

Let China’s company Bytedance Technology have appealed to the court to remove the previously installed ban, which was rejected. India is a big market for the Tikkap app, in which case the business of the company will be affected. According to the Market Analysis firm Sensor Tower, in the first quarter, the App Store and TikTok in the Google Play Store are the third most downloaded app in the world. It was the same in the last quarter too. TikTok added 18.8 million new users in the March quarter, in which India’s share was 8.86 million users. According to the data of last year, India’s share in the app’s 500 million user base is more than 39 percent.

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