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Titanic Star Leonardo DiCaprio returns back to the Oscars Award

Oscars Award:Hollywood’s famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio has returned the Oscar award in the Gift. The award was won by the late actor Marlen Brando in a gift to a Malaysian financier Zoe Lo for DiCaprio. Dicaprio has been asked to award this award due to a fraud case in Zoe Lo.

According to media reports, ZoOo Leonardo’s movie “The Wolf of the Wall Street” was a financier. There are allegations of cheating with an investment fund, which is being investigated. The award was lost to Brando’s house, which Zoe Lau bought several million years later from an auction in six million dollars (about 4.3 million rupees). After scam several billion dollars, Zooto is absconding, and due to legal process, his property is being seized.

Leonardo had two Oscars Award, now only one

Leonardo has now returned all those gifts to the officials due to the court case, which Zoe had given them. Apart from the Oscars, there is a painting of Pablo Picasso and artwork of American artist Jane-Michel Buschin. Leonardo had two Oscars, one of which he won for the ‘Revenue’ in 2016, the second was given to him in the gift.

Dicaprio did 22 years to win his Oscars Award

Oscars Award

If seen, Brando did not give much importance to Oscars himself. Brando had won two Oscars in his career, first for the 1954 film On the Waterfront, which he had lost. At the same time, in the second film, The Godfather, for his role, which he refused to take. Brando had sent a natural American woman activist Sashien Littlefather to his place in Ceremani. He told the reason behind the non-Oscars in the film industry that the behavior of Indian-American Americans was not taken.

At the same time, DiCaprio had won 3 of his first Oscar Reventions in 2016, after a total of 6 nominations, including Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor. Let Leonardo know that the first Oscar nomination was only found at the age of 19, but to win it, he had to wait until he was 41 years old.

DiCaprio Quantin is working in Tarantino’s next film, ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’. There are also reports that Leonardo Steven can work with Spielberg. In both situations, there is a possibility that he will soon fill the empty space due to returning to this Oscars in his closet.

It is being told that Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has the right to buy the award back from the government after completion of the investigation. The funny thing is that for this, the Academy will have to pay only $ 1.

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