the rain of the stars in the sky

Today, the rain of the stars in the sky, you can see in this way in India

the rain of the stars in the sky: Whenever there is a special opportunity, Google does not forget to show it through a doodle. Even today there is a special opportunity. Today, the possibility of meteor shower, which is known as Jaminid, has been expressed. Meteorite means that the stars of breaking stars Google has created a doodle for a gymnasium meteor shower.

It is displayed through 6 photo slides. Let the weather show that meteorite is the exciting astronomical phenomenon. Anyone can enjoy watching it. Let’s know how it can be seen(the rain of the stars in the sky:) ….

According to the reports, Jamiidid Meteor Shower 2018 will be active from December 4 to 17. But it will be the most active on the evening of December 13 to 14.

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the rain of the stars in the sky

These will be the most visible cities in India where there is less pollution.

It is the best time to see the rain of breaking stars that is called meteorite in midnight. It is being said that around the world, this night will look very well till 2 PM.

It is being said that rains in India will be visible in Alwar, the northern states of the Himalayas and breaking of the stars in the rural areas of Maharashtra.

If you also want to see the raining stars, then search for a dark place, and look for 30 minutes. If you want to enjoy this moment a lot, then make a distance from the mobile phone for a while. At the same time, if you look for a little while on the back of your back, you will be able to enjoy this moment with good.

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What is Jaminid Meteor Shower?

Meteor shower (meteorite) is named after the name of the bright, usually a star or constellation, which appears in the sky at night. Geminid meteor shower is caused by estrode named Faithon. It was discovered in 1983. Let the rain show the meteorite caused by fathlon named Astronomy. So when the asteroid passes through a path of ‘3200 fathon’ in December, such a scenario is formed. In it, small meteorites get burnt in the orbit of the Earth, which is seen as if the stars are raining.

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