Trump announces end of shutdown

Trump announces end of shutdown, but says – Not compromise with Wall on the border of Mexico

Trump announces end of shutdown: US President Donald Trump has signed a bill to terminate the termination to temporarily resume the functioning of the government despite not getting funds to build a wall on America and Mexico border. On Friday, Donald Trump himself announced a settlement with the Democrats to temporarily launch the government’s work till February 15 itself.

35-day work-death also created humanitarian crisis. Because of this, nearly eight million federal employees were not paid for one month. Now this move of Trump has temporarily relieved the US.

On Friday, Donald Trump announced the end of shutdown in his speech at Rose Garden. Both the Houses of the American Congress passed it vigmatically and then both the House adjourned. After this, government shutdown ended lasting 35 days late on Friday night. According to the American newspaper Washington Post, this is a big win for Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who took over as the US Congress’s lower house representative council three weeks ago.

After this agreement with the American President Trump, Pelosi said, “Our diversity is our strength, but our unity is our power and perhaps President Trump had underestimated this power.” At the same time, US President Trump has signed a bill to end government’s work, but he also made it clear that he did not compromise on his demand to build a wall on the US and Mexico border.

Trump announces end of shutdown

Let us tell you that Donald Trump has demanded $ 5.7 billion from the Congress to build a wall to prevent infiltration from the US and Mexico border, but the American Parliament or Congress has not approved it. At present, there is a majority of opposition party Democratic in the Lower House of Congress. The opposition party is not in favor of funding a wall on Mexico border. Despite not getting the approval of this fund, President Trump has announced a settlement agreement with Democrats to temporarily start the government’s work till February 15.

U.S. President Trump tweeted, ‘I wish people to hear my thoughts about America or Mexico Border Wall or read it. It is not considered any kind of discount. This has been done keeping in view millions of people, who were being severely affected by this ceasefire and with the understanding that if no consensus is reached in 21 days then all efforts would be in vain. ‘

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