Trump is threatening

Trump is threatening to the world including India, then buy after 4th November Iran from oil

Trump is threatening – In the shadow of the American ban, where India signed an agreement with Russia to purchase the S-400 Defense Missile System, despite the US sanctions still on Iran, it is going to keep the United States going to buy crude oil continuously. US President Donald Trump has threatened the entire world, referring to Iran’s ban, that if a country purchases crude oil from Iran after November 4th, then it is ready to take strictest steps.

Donald Trump warned of importing crude oil from Iran, saying that by November 4, “America will see the countries which do not reduce the import of crude oil by zero” by November 4. Significantly, countries like India and China are asked to continue importing oil from Iran, Trump said, “We will also see them.”

Trump had separated the US from the Iran nuclear agreement in 2015 and again banned it. Trump has asked countries importing oil from Iran to reduce their import by November 4. At the same time, they have also warned of banning countries not doing so.

Trump is threatening to the world including India, then buy after 4th November Iran from oil

Earlier, the US president said that soon after buying a S-400 air defense system in Russia for $ 5 billion, the situation would be clear about whether there is a penal action under US law against India.

US Meantime Deafness Deal on US $ 5 billion dollars (Countering American Advasers Through Sanctions- CAATSA). Last month, the US had made this ban on China. Then China bought Fighter Aircraft and Missile Defense Systems from Russia.

The US has enacted the ‘Countering America’s Advice for Thousands Act’ (Catsa) law to ban its opponents. Under this, only the President has the right to exempt India from US sanctions on arms deal with Russia.


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