Trump-Jinping meeting today, if not made, then US will take these steps

World’s Two Top Economies The President of America and China(Trump-Jinping) will meet on Saturday during the stressful G-20 summit. This will know whether any solution to the trade war between the two top economies can be found.

US President Donald Trump has announced that China has the time till the G20 Summit to obey the US in this regard. They have said that if China does not accept the demands, then they will push the pressure further.


Trump-Jinping meeting today

The summit is already having difficulty in deciding on the overall solution to the measures to prevent climate change. Apart from this, many other disputes, including the Ukraine crisis, are also being seen on the shadow conference.

Trump, after meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Friday, said about the agreement with China, “We are working hard. We are working hard. If we could make a deal then it would be good, I think they want it, I think we want it, we see.

China’s President Xi Jinping is presenting himself as a protector of stable global capitalism among business tensions. In addressing the other G-20 leaders, Shi said that the major economies should firmly maintain free trade. They also promised to open the Chinese market.

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