Rahul Gandhi compares Prime Minister to Hitler

Twitter war on Twitter, Rahul’s response to Hitler, BJP’s Mussolini

Rahul Gandhi compares Prime Minister to Hitler:Unemployment figures released by the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) have raised concerns of the Modi government. Other opposition leaders including Congress President Rahul Gandhi are besieging the government on this issue. Meanwhile, the statement of Minister Jitendra Singh in the central government has come that the government can not give jobs to everyone, they can only secure them through schemes.

Speaking to Aaj Tak, he said that no responsible government can give jobs to everyone, but can secure employment schemes. He said that by forming a Ministry of Skill Development, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken forward the means of formation of employment and employment generation.

According to the latest data from the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO), the unemployment rate in the country is 6.1%. This figure is on the highest level of 45 years. Earlier, in 1972-73, the unemployment rate in the country was more than 6 percent. The important thing is that the figures are post-ban. As soon as these figures come in front of the opposition, the Opposition is taking Modi Government on the ropes.

Rahul Gandhi compares Prime Minister to Hitler

Congress President Rahul Gandhi also targeted the Modi government. Rahul Gandhi, targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi, compares him to Germany Chancellor Hitler.

Rahul tweeted that we were promised that every year 200 million jobs were promised. But after 5 years, it has been discovered that the country has been destroyed. Today the number of unemployment in the country is the highest in 45 years. He wrote that only 6.5 million young people are unemployed in 2017-2018.

Let me tell you that Rahul Gandhi used the term ‘The Fuhrer’ in his tweet. In Germany, this word means ‘leader’. The Nazi army used it for Hitler.

BJP’s Mussolini in response to Hitler

Rahul Gandhi’s tweet was answered by the BJP. BJP tweeted that it is clear that Rahul Gandhi has adopted Mussolini’s foresight. Data of EPFO ​​shows that jobs have increased in the last fifteen months only. A person who has never done any job, is spreading such news.

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