Two suspected terrorists, seen in Army uniform in Pathankot, left the car

Pathankot police issued search operation in the area but due to the darkness, the police could not achieve any success. It is being told that where the two terrorists were seen, the area is 13 kms from the Pakistan border.

Two suspected terrorists were seen on Friday night in Shaheedpur village of Pathankot after terrorist Moses. According to the information, these two suspected terrorists were wearing Army uniform and they had a big bag. Both saw a farmer named Balbir Singh who was returning home from a tractor.After this, the village head gave the information to the police.

It is being told that where both the terrorists were seen, the area is 13 kms from the Pakistan border.

A suspected car was also seen in the area, which roused speculation about the news of two suspects in the area. JAMMU-K has a number plate on this suspicious Alto car. The car stopped in the Bamiyal area and stopped at the police barricades. The car coming from Dinanagar stood at 10:30 in the morning near Muthi village. The police has taken possession of the car. Investigation of suspects in the area is underway.

Terrorist Moses also came to Firozpur(Pathankot)

Recently, the Intelligence Bureau had received the information that terrorist Zakir Musa, who operated in Kashmir, came to Firozpur. The Intelligence Bureau received input that 7 militants of Zakir Musa Group had come to Ferozepur. These terrorists were also seen in Amritsar.

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