UK court dismisses appeal against Mallya extradition

Extradition: The hope of bringing fugitive liquor businessman Vijay Mallya to India soon has increased. The London court has dismissed Mallya’s appeal against the extradition. In fact, by filing a petition against extradition, Mallya had made another attempt to save herself, but the court struck him with a great shock. Earlier British home secretary Sajid Javid had signed Mallya’s extradition order. Mallya had approached the High Court against the decision of the UK government.

5 days time for appeals again

A spokesman for the UK Judiciary said that the court did not allow Vijay Mallya to appeal against the extradition. He said, “Justice William Davis rejected his application to allow him to appeal against extradition on April 05.” The spokesman further said that the petitioner (Mallya) has 5 days to apply for oral consideration. If any application is made again, then the matter will go to the High Court Judge.

According to British law, there will be brief oral hearing in the reconsideration process, in which the arguments will be kept on behalf of Mallya and the teams present on behalf of the Indian Government. After this, the judge will decide whether a complete hearing is needed or not. Significantly, Mallya is in the UK from March 2016 and has been on Bell since the extradition warrant issued in April 2017. Enforcement Directorate (ED) and CBI are investigating cases of bank fraud of over Rs 9,000 crore against both Indian agencies Mallya.

UK court dismisses appeal against Mallya extradition

Recently, the liquor trader stranded in distress had offered to leave the life of his hobbies to satisfy many Indian banks. This information was also given to the UK court. Indeed, Indian banks have to recover about 1.145 billion pounds from Mallya and the bank is trying to extract some amount from it.

Fugitive Mallya is currently allowed to spend the maximum amount of £ 18,325.31 in one week. Recently, during the UK High Court hearing, Mallya offered to reduce this amount to 29,500 pounds monthly. However, the group of 13 banks led by State Bank of India did not agree on the offer.

In fact, the bank wants a cash amount of £ 2,60,000 in Mallya’s ICICI Bank in London. DWF Law LLP representing Mallya in a legal battle with banks said that Kingfisher Airlines is ready to accept any limit on the expenditure set by the former chief justice of the airlines.

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