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Unmarried pregnant tried to delivery herself after watching a YouTube video

YouTube video: In Uttar Pradesh, unmarried pregnant tried to deliver herself after watching a YouTube video. During this period, due to excess bleeding, he and the child died. The landlord and other tenants reported to the police seeing the bleeding in the room. Police got a mobile from the room, in which the video of the delivery was going on.

According to the police, the girl was supposed to be from Bahraich and she had taken a room to rent in Ravi Upadhyay’s house in Cantt area of ​​Gorakhpur four days earlier. The young woman had told the landlord that after some days her mother would come to live with her.

Young woman did not want to abort

An investigating officer said that the young woman’s family wanted to have her aborted, but she was not ready to do so. Fearing a public scandal, he came to Gorakhpur from Bahraich a few days ago and started living here in different areas.

Preparation of action against the young women’s lover

The police took the number of the victim’s family from the mobile on the spot. When they call them, they found that the young woman was unmarried. The evidence has not been tampered with, the police has sealed the room. Kant police station in-charge Ravi Rai has said that after getting complaint from the victim’s family, take action against her lover.

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