Want to buy Pakistanis property

Want to buy Pakistanis property? Central government giving opportunity

Want to buy Pakistanis property: In 1962, China and Pakistan in 1965, 1971, during the war against Pakistan, the confiscated property of Chinese and Pakistani citizens has now been decided by the Indian government to bring in ‘public use’. There are about 9,400 such properties in the country which are worth more than Rs. 1 lakh crore. Apart from these, the government has shares of more than Rs 3,000 crore of enemy.

Pakistan also has properties of Indians

Such properties are maintained under the Enemy Property Act, which came in 1968. This Act was amended in 2017 to ensure that the successors of such people who have settled in Pakistan and China will have no right over such property present in India. Pakistan had also sold similar properties with the ownership of Indians. Among them are the properties of East Pakistan. This was a violation of Tashkent’s agreement that took place in 1966. According to this agreement, both the countries related to the 1965 related property will discuss about returning their owners.

Properties of Chinese

There are 9,280 properties in India which belong to Pakistanis, while the number of properties owned by Chinese citizens is 126. The properties which remained in India after taking Pakistani citizenship were 4,991 in Uttar Pradesh, 2,735 in West Bengal and 487 in Delhi. At the same time, the highest number of 57 properties left by Chinese citizens are in Meghalaya. At the same time, 29 such properties are in West Bengal and Assam too.  (Want to buy Pakistanis property)

Sale of shares

Now the government is trying to sell these seized properties. Last month, a committee was appointed by the government, which sold more than 6.5 crore shares in 996 companies of 20,323 shareholders. These shares were in custody under the custodian Nemy Property for India. 588 of these companies are still working while 139 are listed. The rest of the companies are unlisted.

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