Warning on Article 35A of Omar Abdullah

Warning on Article 35A of Omar Abdullah, ‘more condition than Arunachal will worsen.

Warning on Article 35A of Omar Abdullah: Omar Abdullah has warned the central government amidst political upheaval in Article 35A. He said that the central government should pay attention to conducting elections in the state. The former CM also said that if this happened then the situation in the state would be worse than Arunachal.

The former Chief Minister and National Conference leader Omar Abdullah has warned the central government in connection with the speculation that Article 35A, which gives special status to Kashmir, land and permanent residence. Omar said on Monday that if the central government makes such a decision then there will be worse condition than Arunachal Pradesh in the valley. He said that the central government should focus on holding elections in Jammu and Kashmir. Explain that the case of 35 A is now on the Supreme Court’s door too. The court will hear it this week.

Omar Abdullah said, “The responsibility of the Central Government and the Governor is to fill the elections in the state. Therefore, make the elections only, allow people to take a decision. The new government itself will work towards securing Article 35A. ‘

Modi’s challenge to elect timely elections in Kashmir

Abdullah said that getting the election after five years in Jammu and Kashmir will be a test to deal with the situation of the Kashmiri Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Abdullah said on Twitter, “Will the Modi government kneel before the separatist forces and the terrorists who always interfere in the elections in Jammu and Kashmir, or will the elections be held at the appointed time? This time the Prime Minister has examined to handle Kashmir in the last five years. “Abdullah was reacting to the media reports that the Election Commissioner of India would decide whether the Lok Sabha elections in the state With the state elections also be done. Abdullah said that except once, the elections were held in the state from 1995-96 in the prescribed period.

Hearing this week at 35A in Supreme Court (Warning on Article 35A of Omar Abdullah)

The Supreme Court will hear this week on a petition challenging the validity of Article 35A in Jammu and Kashmir. The apex court has listed the matter for hearing on February 26-28. According to sources, Modi Government can adopt a tough stand on Article 35A before the general elections. Deleting Article 370 has always been BJP’s political stand. However, BJP’s ally JDU and Akali Dal have been opposing it.

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Some political parties protest on the argument of democracy

Explain that many political parties and organizations are against the elimination of Article 35A by referring to a change in demography. Former CM of the state also said that if the central government takes such a step then the situation here will be very bad. Omar said, ‘This is not a threat. I just want to make it clear that it should not be considered a threat, this is a warning. Article 35A is tampered with, there will be worse condition than Arunachal Pradesh. ‘

What is article 35A(Warning on Article 35A of Omar Abdullah)

Article 35A gives the Jammu and Kashmir assembly the right to decide the definition of a permanent citizen of the state. It was implemented in the state on May 14, 1954. This article was not originally in the Constitution. The permanent citizen of the state has special powers. It is noteworthy that in addition to the original residents of Jammu and Kashmir under section 35A, citizens of any other part of the country can not purchase any property. It can not even become a citizen of it.

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