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What did children get from Akshay Kumar in the gifts? Viral video

Akshay kumar movies: Akshay kumar  will soon be seen with Rajinikanth in the film 2.0 This film is going to be released in India on November 29.


Akshay kumar movies: Superstar Akshay Kumar is among the Bollywood actors who are known for their fitness and tight schedule along with acting. He is very cautious about renewable fitness and also promotes as much as possible. Akshay shared a video on social media showing the way in which he gifted his training ball to the children playing along the coast.

akshay kumar moviesIn the video shared on the Instagram account of Akshay, it is showing that some children are flipping the front at Samundar border. After a child is seen to flip the front, the camera is pan and then on top Akshay Kumar appears standing. While sharing the video, Akshay wrote in the caption, “Giving their children to the beach play their training ball, so that they can jump higher and higher.”


Likes and shared the video millions of times in a while.

Talk about Akshay’s work front so he will be seen working in film 2.0 soon. In the film, he is playing the role of a dreaded villain named Doctor Richard. The film, which is being made from a budget of around 600 crores, is being called the most expensive film of India till now.

Rajinikanth plays the lead role in the film. It will be the second part of the film and in this too, he will play double role like the first part (anthring). The movie trailer has arrived. It has been quite liked on social media.

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