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Whatsapp launched ‘Checkpoint TipLine’ number service in india against fake news

Checkpoint TipLine: Whatsapp has taken another big step against it, with constant criticism about Fake News, Photos and Messages. Whatsapp launched a ‘Checkpoint Tipline’ on Tuesday, where users can confirm a message or information that is true. Avoiding the lie before the Lok Sabha elections in India is a big challenge for all social media platforms, and many important steps have been taken by Facebook on the last few days. Whatsapp has issued a statement and shared the details of this tipline.

Facebook’s Ownership, Whatsapp said in a statement, “The launch of a Skilling Startup PROTO in India will prepare a database of the rumors spread out this tipline, which can be used to study the information for checkpoint at the time of election. Checkpoint is a research project that is being run with the help of Whatsapp and with technical help.

The company said that users of India can submit it to Checkpoint Tipline (+ 91-9643000888) for any rumor or fake message inquiry. Once the receiver receives the message from the user, Verification Center of PROTO will investigate it and after the investigation it will tell the user whether the information given in the message is correct or not. The statement states that this information will be classified in right, wrong, misleading, disputed or out-of-scope.

From Verification Center to Pictures and Video Links to Text can be checked. In addition to English in the center, information gathered in Hindi, Telugu, Bengali and Malayalam languages ​​can be examined. Facebook has also deleted hundreds of pages spreading news and misleading information related to different parties on Monday and took action against them. Twitter has also given the assurance of taking action against fakes and inflammatory information.

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