Ram temple

Whether Ram temple should be built or not. If yes, then why

2019 is to come and the preparation of the election is on the loud noise. Today, Ram temple is all over the same issue.

It seems that today the Ram temple itself is the issue of the country. The rest have forgot all the issues. Now in our country, only the votes will be asked in the name of religion.

Let’s make Ram temple, then what has happened in our country has been solved. Today every news channel has only one debate. When will Ram temple be made?

Does the country really need a temple and a mosque, the problems of our country have been solved by the formation of them. All the problems that have been solved from the country have been solved for which we bring votes to the party by bringing votes in the country and this time our problems have been overcome.

The public has no problem with the fact that the temple is built or the mosque is here, they forget why we have been voted. Their work has been done once we win the vote, what will the public spoil us later, because the party knows how to play from our emotions.

We all want to know how long we have fought in the name of religion, why not let this country be united, when we see the issue of religion, we have fought in each other. Now do not make the people of the country so much that we should stay single two.

(Ram temple )The country is being cheated in the name of vote.

The people vote to remove the problems, which will lead to the advancement of our country, everyone gets a job, the crime is over, the farmers will get their mandate that they do not take the loan, leaving such issues and fighting on the issues of religion. It is a shameful thing.

It is the appeal to the government that instead of issues of religion, come to the issues for which you have been won and this is the appeal to the people, do not spoil the vote by coming to the flag of religion. Nowadays, there has also been questioning God’s tribe. . Now think of yourself, Lord is not secure, how much the general public will be.

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