National Mathematical Day

Why do we call National Mathematical Day on 22nd December.

National Mathematical Day: Tomorrow (December 22) is the National Mathematics Day. It is observed to honor the birth anniversary of the famous mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan who greatly contributed towards mathematical analysis, number theory, infinite series and continued fractions.

Ramanujan lived during the British Rule in India. He died at a young age of 32 in London on 26 April 1920. He had almost no formal training in pure mathematics.

Born in 1887 in Erode, Tamil Nadu, the story of Ramanujan’s tryst with mathematics is one of the most engaging tales read, depicted and performed through various works of art.

Every year, the country celebrates National Mathematics Day on December 22 to commemorate the birth anniversary of Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan. Born in 1887 in Erode, Tamil Nadu, the story of Ramanujan’s tryst with mathematics is one of the most engaging tales read, depicted and performed through various works of art.

From his childhood, he has a huge passion for mathematics. So much so, that at the age of 12, he had mastered trigonometry and developed many theorems on his own with no assistance. He was awarded a scholarship to study at Government Arts College, Kumbakonam, but he eventually lost it due to his abysmal performance in other subjects. He ran away from home and enrolled himself at Pachaiyappa’s College in Madras.

With the support of Mathematician Ramaswamy Iyer, he got a job as a clerk at the Madras Port Trust.

His breakthrough finally came in 1913, when Ramanujan wrote to G H Hardy. The British mathematician, on realising Ramanujan’s genius wrote back to him, invited him to London. Hardy then got Ramanujan into Trinity College, Cambridge and what began was a captivating saga of success.


National Mathematics Day is celebrated across India at different schools, Colleges, Universities and Educational Institutions of India.

The announcement to celebrate National Mathematics Day on 22nd December was declared by Dr. Manmohan Singh, the former Prime Minister on the 125th birthday of Srinivasa Ramanujan.

The International Society UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) and India agreed to work together for spreading the joy of learning and understanding mathematics. They also take various steps in educating the students on Mathematics and spread the knowledge to the students and learners throughout the world.

 National Mathematical Day

NASI (The National Academy of Sciences India) is the oldest Science Academy located in Allahabad. In order to celebrate the National Mathematics Day, NASI organized a 3-day workshop under the title ‘Emerging development in Mathematics and applications of Ramanujan in the area of q-Hyper geometric series’.

The workshop was attended by the popular lecturers and experts in the field of mathematics from across the nation. The speakers spoke about the great contributions made by Srinivasa Ramanujan in the field of Mathematics in the country and the world level. The work of Ramanujan in the field of cryptography was also praised at the conference and the numerous theorems he created was appreciated too.

All the states in India celebrate National Mathematics Day in different ways. Various competitions and mathematical quiz are held at the school, college and university level. Mathematics genius and students from across India participate in events held on the day. The School of Mathematical Sciences of North Maharashtra University (NMU) located in Jalgaon celebrated the National Mathematical Day with great enthusiasm in the year 2015.

Different types of Objective Test Competition, Quiz Competition, and Poster Presentation Competition were held. Suggested themes were ‘Indian Mathematics’, Mathematics for Life’ and ‘Application of Mathematics’. The themes and competition are basically intended to develop the knowledge of emerging students in the field of mathematics.

A Workshop on “Historical Progression of Mathematics” was also held at Jalgaon in 2015 celebration. It was planned for the Teachers of the College and the students at the Research Department of Mathematics. The workshop was an endeavor to offer a common platform for young teachers and researchers of the colleges. National Mathematics Day celebration focuses more on the Promotion and Development of Research related to Mathematics and the Prospects present in different fields of Mathematics.

National Mathematical Day

Some more suggestion for celebrating National Mathematical Day

India owns legendary Mathematicians such as Brahmagupta, Aryabhata, and Srinivasa Ramanujan. These legendaries have not only shaped the face of Indian Mathematics but have also gained tremendous popularity worldwide.

Every state in India must recognize the great contributions made by these mathematicians and celebrate the National Mathematics Day with great zeal and enthusiasm. The schools, colleges, and Universities at the state level must organize quiz, competitions and other cultural events for the celebration. This would not only create competitiveness in the students but would also enhance their knowledge.

The Engineering Colleges and Technical Institutes must also celebrate National Mathematical Day and Researchers and Developers from across the nation should be invited to deliver lectures and share their knowledge and experience. This would motivate the emerging engineering students. It would also offer a common platform to collectively tackle the problems faced in the field of mathematics.

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