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Will India Trump Announce On Ban, Will India Get Waiver?

Trump Announced: US President Donald Trump today announced a big ban on the ban It is determined by the transit that Iran will be its biggest victim. At the same time 8 countries of the world including India are expected to get relief from the US ban.

The eyes of the whole world are on the US today. Donald Trump on the US ban today will announce to give concession to many countries It is believed that the Trump administration will provide relief to the eight countries of the world, including India. At the same time, the details of the trumpets have climbed to Iran, which has refused to accept American conditions.

Trump had warned in the game of Thrones Style

Trump has mentioned many times in the last few days of November 5th. On November 2, he made a tweet on the basis of Game of Thrones, which had been written on ‘Ban is coming’. Many countries had slept in this trump by a tweet.

Popeo did the reminder of India’s exemption

Earlier, US Secretary of State Mike Pompey has said that the Trump Administration will give eight countries a six month waiver. Although they did not name the countries Pompio said that these countries have already started efforts to bring Iranian oil imports to ‘zero’. Pompio said that the US will ban again on November 5, which was withdrawn in Iran’s energy, shipbuilding, shipping and banking sectors as a nuclear deal.

In May, the ban was imposed on Iran

The United States had dragged its arm with the five permanent members of the Security Council, including Germany and the European Union (EU), to end Iran’s nuclear weapons program, after which Trump reinstated its ban in May. Was announced.

Trump says – the hardest decision ever will be

Donald Trump has said that it will be the toughest decision till now, just hours before the US ban on Iran. American restrictions will be imposed on Iran today.

Trump said that the ban on Iran will be the stringent decision taken by the United States so far. Talking to reporters outside the White House just hours before the ban, Trump said that the restrictions imposed on Iran are very strict.

Expert Speak- Will not Affect More

At the same time, experts believe that even though the United States is trying to regain its goal by banning Iran again, unlike its prospects, it will have limited impact on Tehran’s economy. According to a press TV report, Washington reinstated the first phase of the ban in August. The next step to target other things including the energy sector of the country will be effective from November 5. Middle East policy expert and former Iranian nuclear negotiator Syed Hussein Musassain of Princeton University said that Iran has been banned for more than 40 years. There is nothing new in this

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