terrorist attack in Pulwama

Will PAK have action like Osama? Rajnath says – wait, the country will not be disappointed

After the terrorist attack in Pulwama, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh said in a special dialogue with ‘Aajtak’ that Pakistan is not satisfied with the shutdown of hookah and water, now it is just the beginning. On the statement of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, he said that after the Pulwama attack, what Prime Minister has not offered till the tribute to our martyred soldiers, what will he talk with India on terrorism, the time for negotiation has now come out.

When Rajnath Singh was asked the question whether India can take the same type of action as America did on Al Qaeda chief Osama. So he said that the United States had taken two and a half years to take this action, it would not take much time for us. You just wait, the country will not be disappointed.

Decision to fight now will be fought

Rajnath Singh said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been able to bring the global community on a platform against terrorism. He said that today many countries of the world are criticizing the Pulwama attack. Now is the time for decisive battle, now the fight on terrorism will be decisive. They say that China has also stood with us after the Pulwama attack, and Pakistan is completely isolated.

Congress allegations baseless

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh said on the allegations made by the Congress that it is very baseless allegations and the martyrdom of the soldiers should not be politicized. He said that nobody could be more sensitive than the Prime Minister and as soon as he got the information of the attack, he started talking to the people. The Congress should not do such politics on questions related to the country’s security.

PM’s information was immediately received

The Union Home Minister said that the Prime Minister was immediately informed about the attack and there was no delay in this. It is not right to ask such questions to the Prime Minister. On the statement of Amit Shah, Rajnath said that the BJP government means that we are stepping in firmly under the leadership of the Prime Minister.

Investigation of the attack is on

In a conversation with Aaj Tak, Rajnath said that the NIA is investigating the Pulwama attack and we should not make any statement without investigation. He said that too many things are coming up about the explosive, but only after the investigation can it be said very clearly. On the question of availing the jawans, Rajnath said that during the Congress rule, there were only 4 air-courier services for Srinagar from Jammu, we increased it to 7 times and then extended it for 4 days. Rajnath said that our government is very sensitive on the question of the soldiers and it is taken promptly.

Leaders must be sensitive

On the laughing picture of Sakshi Maharaj in the last visit of the martyr, Rajnath said that the leaders should be sensitive to the public, otherwise they can not serve the public. He said that it should not have happened.(terrorist attack in Pulwama)

In 1971, Atal ji praised Indira.

Rajnath Singh said that our leader, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, praised Indira Gandhi after standing in Parliament on what was fought with Pakistan before the rise of Bangladesh. We had appreciated the government’s move at that time. Rajnath Singh said that BS Hooda will give good suggestions to the Congress on national security. They have nothing to do with politics.

Pulwama’s give-and-take answer

The Home Minister said that our government will not let the people’s trust break and the answer to the Pulwama attack will be done in a very reasonable manner. He said that Prime Minister Modi has given a tough statement and the work will also be done with rigor. On the question of war with Pakistan, Rajnath said that nothing can be said about this now.

Pakistan has stirred up trouble(terrorist attack in Pulwama)

He said that our troops have become more alert on the border. There has been a panic in Pakistan and the villages adjoining the border are being evacuated. Rajnath said that what India will do, nothing can be said about this, but the Prime Minister has made it clear that we have given the jawans an open rebate, this is a very strong statement.

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Pakistan only cheats

He said that the whole world knows that terrorism is born in Pakistan and it flourishes there. Pakistan is behind the terrorist incidents worldwide. He is now trying to deceive the world by banning the organization of Hafiz Saeed, which is just a show.

Rajnath said that Pakistan is working to hide terrorists on safe havens. They said that we are not going to give evidence to Pakistan and our people are also burning in the fire.

The Home Minister said that the ‘Hero of India’ website is getting great help from the soldiers and for this reason we launched this website in 2016. He also thanked actor Akshay Kumar for this. Now the family of a young man is not getting less than one crore financial help, but it is true that no person can assess the life of a person, but this helps the family.

We showed a lot of generosity towards Kashmir(terrorist attack in Pulwama)

Rajnath Singh said that we have shown how generous we could show, we have shown. He said that the way behaviors should be seen from there, it has not happened. Some people in Kashmir take money from Pakistan, work on their gesture. Those people try to create an atmosphere of unrest in Kashmir through Kashmir. For this reason we have decided to withdraw the security of the separatists. We had formed a government for the restoration of peace and peace with the PDP, but that effort failed.

Modi’s opposition does not mean anti-national(terrorist attack in Pulwama)

The Home Minister said that the opposition to the opposition of Narendra Modi was not called Aaj Tak, everyone has the right to oppose democracy. On the question of Article 370 in Kashmir, Rajnath said that we are ready to take whatever steps we need to do.

On the incidents of attacks on Kashmiri students, Rajnath Singh said that if such incidents have occurred then it is absolutely condemnable. There was no crisis for the youth of our Kashmir, for this, Advisory was issued to the State Governments immediately. Children of our Kashmir children who are studying in different parts will not be allowed to do any harm.

Who is responsible for terrorist attacks?(terrorist attack in Pulwama)

It is not right to make someone responsible for terrorist incidents. If such a scenario is seen then, if there is any mistake then it will be improved. Rajnath said that the country wants to say that our government will not let the trust of the people break, and the steps that are being taken are only the beginning.(terrorist attack in Pulwama)

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