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With these easy steps to increase fitness in a week

Fitness tips of the day: In regular work we have no more time for exercise. because work is more and time is less then what do . So i giving you some natural tips for regular day .

  • Have breakfast with plenty of energy

Healthy Breakfast is very important in the morning. If you do not have breakfast properly, you have to face many problems like fatigue and weight gain.

  • Two banana eat in morning

From today you must include two bananas in your breakfast. By eating only two bananas in the daily breakfast, you will be energetic throughout the day. Also, you will also be protected from your heart diseases.

  • 10 Minute Exercise daily

Take just 10 minutes for yourself in the morning. In these 10 minutes, go to the park and do whatever you like from light races, yoga, body weight exits etc.

  • Calories Burn

Do not use the lift in the office, but use the stairs. With this you will be able to burn extra calories in the body.

  • Keep in mind this thing in dinner(Fitness tips of the day)

You should always try that you must have dinner at eight o’clock in the night. Eat as little as possible in dinner. Apart from this, you should not eat any sweet at night.

  • Fast food once a week

If you feel very much at eating fest meals, then set a day for it and enjoy fest food on this day. By eating more fat food you become victim of obesity.

  • Massage of hair and body in a week

Once a week, massage the hair and whole body. You can use mustard oil, olive and coconut oil for massage. Massage is beneficial in many ways as well as strengthening your muscles.

  • Take a time for travel

Do not be a machine to earn money, but with your whole family, go out for some days in two or three months for a few days. In the meantime, enjoy the picnic full from the tension of the office work.

  • Do meditation 5 minute

Any time you take your meditation for five minutes at any time throughout the day, definitely do it. During this, just focus on your breaths. This will reduce your stress and improve your work.

  • Eat plenty of salad

Eat raw ingredients in the food. Eat as much as possible of salad with food. Include sprouts and pulses in the food.

  • Get up early in the morning

Make a habit of getting up early in the morning and sleeping early in the night. By doing just that, more than half of your health related problems will be removed.

  • Seasonal Fruit Consumption

By consuming more than seasonal fruits, you keep away from diseases. Include these fruits in your breakfast and lunch. You can also consume their juice.

  • Drink plenty of water

Drink a minimum of three to four liters of water in the summer season or winter day. Drinking less water can cause us many types of diseases.

  • Do not drink water after eating

Leave the habit of drinking water immediately after eating food. This does not digest your food properly. There should be a gap of at least 30 to 50 minutes to eat food and drink water.

  • Avoid cold water from the refrigerator

Do not drink cold frozen cold water at all by coming from heat, it weakens your body. Always drink fresh water in the refrigerator water.

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