without Engine T18 train

Without Engine T18 train in India will run on both sides of the metro

Without Engine T18 train: A new era is going to start soon in Indian Railways. There is a train running on the train track which will be equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. On the lines of the metro it will run from both ends and its speed will also be about half of the bullet speed. (Photo-Twitter / Rajendra B Aklekar)

Government of India is preparing to launch semi high-speed trains. The speed of this train will be much faster than trains like Rajdhani and Shatabdi. The name of the train we are talking about is T. 18. The name of the train was T18 because Indian Railways is going to launch this excellent train in 2018. According to the railway related sources, it can be dropped for the trial by the end of this month.

Before the bullet train, there is a semi-high speed train named T18 in India. This modern train has been prepared in the Integral Coach Factory (ICF) located in Chennai. The T 18 train is completely part of the ‘Make in India’ project. The ICF claims that the T-18 train has been built in half the cost of the train being imported.

The T18 train, built under the ‘Make in India’ project, will be run as a test in the first Northern Railway. T 18 train trial is to be started on the Delhi-Bhopal route in the next two months. This train was launched in late September. Train 18 will replace the running trains on many routes of the country. (Photo-Twitter / Rajendra B Aklekar)

Ready, without Engine T18 train in India will run on both sides of the metro

It is believed that the speed of this modern train can be 180 km / h. Sources said that the trial of this train can be started on the Delhi-Bhopal route because on the same route, the country’s fastest train fast express runs at present, whose speed is 160 km / h.

Sources say that after trial of T-18 train on Delhi-Bhopal route, its next trial will also be done on Mumbai-Ahmedabad route. Railways have spent Rs 120 crores for this project. After the successful trials, Railway Safety Commissioner will allow the operation of this train.

The T 18 train will consist of 16 chairmen, 14 non-executive coaches and 2 executive coaches. The executive coach will be able to accommodate 56 passengers and 78 non-executive coaches will be accommodated. Other T18 trains of traditional Indian trains have windows on the lines of Metro Coaches.

The specialty of this modern train is that apart from common trains, all 18 cans of this train will run without engine. Like the metro, this train will have motor coaches on either side and it can run from either direction. All trains in this train will be connected to each other. The other thing is that unlike the metro, this train will run on the normal track.

In this train many arrangements have been made to make the journey comfortable for the customers. It will have automatic doors, on-board Wi-Fi, infotainment, GPS-based passenger information system. In addition, modular toilet will be attached with the bio-vacuum system. There will be rotational seats. Along with this, roller blinds will be equipped with LED lights and toilets for handicapped people.

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