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Without losing data change your number easily on WhatsApp

Currently WhatsApp is the most popular app for text messaging. In such a situation, the number of troubles of many users becomes a problem. The user is afraid to lose his data while changing the number. We will tell you how you can change your number on Whats app without losing data. In 2017, WhatsApp launched a feature that lets you change your phone number linked to the Whats app account and your data will also be safe. Apart from this, your associates will also get information about your new number. You will not need to individually message them.

You will also be able to customize your contacts. You will be able to migrate your profile information with your groups and contacts. This eliminates your old number linked account. That means those who have your old number will not be able to see your profile details.

Such change number
1. Go to the menu and check whether your WhatsApp number is verified or not
2. Click for verification on your profile photo
3. Now open the WhatsApp and click on the menu button
4. Click Settings and go to the account
5. Click on ‘Chain Number’ tab
6. Enter old phone number in the top box
7. Enter new number in the LOVER box
8. Click on Done

Your new number will be verified when the process is complete. After verification, you will be able to run your WhatsApp account from your new number and your old data will be secure.

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